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Foster Application
If you are interested in providing a foster home for a puppy or dog please use the form below to apply.
Are you under 21 years of age?
Have you or any members of your household ever fostered before?
If Yes, please tell us more about that experience .When and for how long you fostered, why you stopped, what breeds you have experience with, was this a positive experience, etc.
I am interested in fostering: Check all that apply
Puppy Adult Litters Small Medium Large
Veterinarians Address
Do you: Own home Lease/Rent
Type of home: Single home Townhouse Apartment/Condo
**Please note: if you rent or lease your home, you must provide a copy of your lease, or a letter from your landlord indicating that you are permitted to keep a dog on the premises along with any size restrictions.
Do you have preferences as far as gender, age, and breed?
Yes No                
Alternate Contact: Name
Relationship to you, Spouse, Neighbor, Friend
Spouse Neighbor Friend
Phone number and e-mail of a person who will always be able to get in touch with you
Thank you for interest in becoming a Wet Nose Rescue Foster Parent. We can lend our foster families crates for use while fostering and give you food as well.
List all other pets in the in the home, list species (dog,cat,bird,rabbit,etc.) age, breed, male/female, temperment (dominant/submissive, high/low energy), neutered or spayed, current on vaccines.
Are you familiar with house training, crate training and basic obedience training?
Are you willing to help house train crate train and teach basic commands?
Our rescue believes in positive reinforcement techniques, is this something you are familiar with and can reinforce with your foster?
What is the typical family schedule like? Typically, how long will a puppy/dog be left alone each day?
Puppies are very active and require extra attention and time during the day. Will a puppy or adult dog be a good fit for your household/lifestyle?
What is the activity level at your home? Quiet, active, very active. Do you participate in activities that your foster could join as well? (Running, hiking, walking, agility, etc.)?
Describe your experience with dogs as well as any educational experiences you have had. Be specific (i.e. training classes, books, volunteering, etc.)
What temperment are you looking for in a foster?
Would you like to know more about Volunteering Fostering

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